Fusion3 offers social media marketing and social media management services. We help you build a social presence that is lasting and positive. You get a long term band of followers, who drive your sales funnel. It’s no surprise, everyone spends more time having conversations on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.


We strongly believe that the age of deference is over. Today, social media is abuzz with brand talk almost every minute of the day. Every purchase decision made today has been influenced by opinions, likes and choices of peers on social media. Not surprising, these voices and opinions are trusted more often than the brands websites themselves.


Obviously you have a lot more to gain with correct social media marketing strategy.




Marketing is now a two-way street. You give and you get. Emerging brands don’t just talk on social media, they have to listen. Your business doesn’t just share on social media but more importantly it must deliver value.


We ensure your products and your business delivers right valueto the right customer with customized targeting on social media. We love to listen and engage audiences. We want to take your brand from talking about itself to being talkable!

We launch relevant content into the social media.We observe and provide you insights into customer demographics, their behavior and their preferences. Fusion3 can even tell you what they don’t like about your brand. We help you develop a unique and ownable persona and tone foryour brand and product



At Fusion3 we focus on making the best out of your social marketing expenditure . Smart targeting your would be customers . Defining how the marketing channel can be pipe lined to a effective sales channel is our forte.


We offer:

•    Content Development, Seeding & Distribution

•    Posts, media, visual content relevant in the context the customer found them!

•    Social Listening and Customized Social Media Measurement

•    Full analytics and metrics to track and improve your social presence

•    Community Management and Full management of all your social properties

•    Social Crisis Preparation & Management

•    Social Media Marketing Strategy

•    Social Media Management Strategy

•    Influencer Marketing and Customized Partnerships

•    Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google + and more...